Cost of living Persian

You will need at least 150,000 Hungarian forints (approx. 420 euros; 500 US dollars) per month to cover the costs of accommodation including utilities, pay for local transport, and even go out occasionally. This amount should cover the costs of rent, utilities, shopping for everyday items and local transport – though not the tuition fee. As the rent constitutes a significant item of your total expenditure, the final amount will depend on whether you rent a room, a flat, or whether you are accommodated in a student hostel. There are regional differences in this amount: life in Budapest is more expensive than in other Hungarian cities.
Average prices

rent of a small flat in Budapest (per month): from 95 000 HUF (270 EUR) + utilities

rent of a room in Budapest (per month): from 60.000 HUF (170 EUR) + utilities

rent of a small flat in countryside (per month): from 70.000 HUF (200 EUR) + utilities

rent of a room in countryside (per month): from 40.000 HUF (110 EUR) + utilities

local transport in Budapest:

Monthly Budapest-pass: 9.500 HUF ( 26 EUR)

Monthly Budapest-pass for students: 3.450 HUF (10 EUR)

Single ticket: 350 HUF (1 EUR)

local transport in countryside:

Monthly pass: from 6.500 HUF (18 EUR)

Monthly pass for students: from 3.300 HUF (9 EUR)

Single ticket: from 300 HUF (0.9 EUR)

1 loaf of bread: 270 HUF (0.8 EUR)

1 bottle of beer: 200 HUF (0.5 EUR)

1 bottle of wine: from 1.000 HUF (2.8 EUR)

1 liter of milk: 220 HUF (0.6 EUR)

eating out: 1.500-2.500 HUF (4-7 EUR)

daily menu: 890-1.500 HUF (2-4 EUR)

cinema ticket: 1.090-1.670HUF (3-4 EUR)

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